Central Data Catalog

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Archived Information related to Population collected through Censuses and specialized surveys, demographic analysis and population projections, which processed and disseminated by the Census division.


The main source of education statistics is the annual school census carried out by the Statistics Branch of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


Department of Census & Statistics provides important information on Fertility, Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition and awareness of HIV/AIDS through its Demographic & Health Survey.


Information related to agriculture is collected, processed and disseminated by the Agriculture and Environment Statistics Division of the Department of Census and Statistics.

Social & Economic

Labour Force Survey, Household Income and expenditure Survey and Employment Census were mainly aimed to measure the levels and trends of socio economic status of Sri Lanka.


Annual survey of industries (ASI) is carried out by the Industrial and Construction Statistics division since 1984.


Information on External Trade is collected, processed and disseminated by the Statistics division of the Customs Department.


transport,tsunami etc..

National Data Archive - Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka.