Policies and procedures

Under the Statistical ordinance, micro data cannot be released with identifications for public use. Procedures are in place to ensure that information relating to any particular individual person, household or undertaking will be kept strictly confidential and will not be divulged to external parties. Information on individual or individual Household/establishment will not be divulged or published in such a form that will facilitate the identification of any particular person or establishment as the data have been collected under the Census/Statistical ordinance, according to which the information at individual level cannot be divulged and such information is strictly confidential. Therefore, all direct identifiers will be removed (name, address, ID number, business name, reference number, telephone number etc.) before the release of the data file. The following rules apply to micro data released by the Department of Census and Statistics.: 

  • - Micro-data is released free of charge. Only the requests of Government Institutions, Recognized Universities, Students, and selected international agencies are entertained. However, the Data users are required to strictly adhere to the terms stipulated in the agreement form.

  • - All the data requests should be made to Director General (DG) of the DCS as the sole authority of releasing data is vested with the DG, DCS. DCS of Sri Lanka reserves sole right to approve or reject any data request made depending on the confidential nature of the data set and intended purpose of the study or analysis.

  • - Requests for micro data should be made through the agreement form designed by DCS for this purpose (Form D.R.A). The agreement form should be filled in triplicate and the Study/project proposal should accompany the filled agreement form. If requests are made for the micro data of more than one survey, a separate agreement should be signed.

  • - If the data request is from a student a letter from the respective Department Head/Dean/Supervisor, recommending the issue of data, should also be accompanied.

  • - The released Data file should be used only for the specific study/Analysis mentioned in the agreement form and shall not be used for any other purpose without the prior approval of the Director General of the DCS. Moreover, Copies of the micro-data file, obtained from the DCS, shall not be given to anyone else without the prior written approval of the Director General of the DCS.

  • - The draft report of the Study/Analysis should be submitted to the DCS and the concurrence of the DG, DCS, should be obtained before publishing it. Once published, a copy of the final report should be submitted to the DCS.

Note :

Agreement form for releasing Micro data files (Form D.R.A) can be downloaded(click here) or obtained from the Department of Census and Statistics, located at 306/71;Polduwa Road,Battaramulla.

For further details regarding the releasing of micro data,

please contact:


Data Dissemination Unit

Tel: +94 11 2147445.

e-mail: data.requests@statistics.gov.lk

National Data Archive - Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka.