Our activities

Our activities include the acquisition, documentation, anonymization, dissemination, and preservation of micro-data and related metadata.

LankaDatta was primarily established to archive microdata produced by the Department of Census and Statistics and other official data producers in Sri Lanka. LankaDatta also serves as a repository for non-official datasets.

Socontact us to inquire aboutdepositing microdata with LankaDatta.

LankaDatta adheres to International standards in archiving microdata such as
Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI).

Documentation is a value of LankaDatta because it helps researchers to:

  • Find the data they are interested in.

  • Locate the datasets and variables that meet their research requirements.

  • Understand what the data are measuring and how the data have been created, and assess their quality.

  • Understand the survey design and the methods used when collecting and processing the data, thereby reducing the risk that data will be misunderstood or misused.

Under the Statistical ordinance of Sri Lanka, microdata cannot be released with identification for public use. Procedure are in place to ensure that information relating to any particular individual person, household or undertaking will be kept strictly confidential and will not be divulged to external parties. Information on individual or individual Household/establishment will not be divulged or published in such a form that will facilitate the identification of any particular person or establishment as the data have been collected under the Census/Statistical ordinance, according to which the information at individual level cannot be divulged and such information is strictly confidential.

The know-how in anonymization will be provided to the agencies who are depositing their microdata with LankaDatta.


Bona-fide users can apply for the microdata sets available on this catalogue for research purposes under the terms and conditions of the Dissemination Policy.

LankaDatta is implementing standard procedures for ensuring the physical security and long-term usability of its resources, together with associated backup arrangements for minimizing the impact of adverse events.

National Data Archive - Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka.